Contemporary Mayenne photographer

Please click one of the above links to view my work and to find out whether I might be the right photographer for you. The rest of this text is just designed to help people looking for a Mayenne photographer to find my website, and is thus not terribly interesting to read unless you are a fan of repetition, in which case you might enjoy the third iteration of Mayenne photographer. I do sometimes wonder what future historians will make of some of the text they find in 200 years' time when the reason for the seemingly redundant copy found on almost all websites of the time will have been long forgotten. "Were we all goldfish?" they will wonder, with memories too short to remember what we wrote two sentences ago?" Or was there something about photographers in general or Mayenne photographers in particular which gave them short attention-spans? Of course, in 200 years we will doubtless be generating holographic recordings, and contemporary photography will all seem terribly quaint, though still images have maintained their value for almost 200 years now and I have fond hopes that we will still cherish them in another 200, no matter what new technology appears to capture you.

If you are wondering how long I'm going to hold court in this fashion, by the way, the answer is for another one hundred and one words as it's generally accepted that the company founded by Mr Page and Mr Brin likes to see three hundred words of text in which the desired words or phrases appear around three times in total. I could, of course, be using this text to say something relevant about photography, but as the text is invisible and you are actually the first person to read this (do email me to let me know!), it seems, on balance, better to share my views on the art of photography inside the site rather than here.

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